2019 Home Depot Pro Catalogue

CLIENT: Home Depot Pro
BRAND: Homedepot Pro
PROJECT: 2019 Master Catalogue

2019 marked the first year for Home Depot Pro in the MRO sector. We were tasked with creating a catalogue, as well as digital versions, to help the Home Depot PRO salesforce easily display information to customers.

Building a catalogue of this size from scratch is a huge undertaking, but we were excited to take on the challenge. The first step to making this (nearly) 3000 SKU catalogue come to life, was implementing the use of our database integration system and marrying it with our design. With the foundation of the database and design in place, the project came together seamlessly. The client was able to keep the most up to date information of their products in the database, that updated the design electronically; keeping the working versions current and up to date. No more going back and forth adding and deleting products.

The result was a professional catalogue that Home Depot PRO’s sale staff were excited to use as an integral part of their day to day. Hard copies were printed in both English and French, and distributed to Home Depot PRO retailers across the country. A digital flipbook for web, as well as removable media for sales staff and clients.

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    Art Direction, Graphic Design

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